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Perfect environment of modern architecture, noble design and state-of-the-art broadcast technology for your communications needs.


Best support for every communications and management tasks in your business.


Create completely unique, customized experiences and stages for breath-taking presentations, thrilling kick-offs, and impressive film production.

Public Relations

Inform the public and your stakeholders using the latest broadcast technologies in a modern building in the metropolis of Frankfurt.

Design & Creative

Imagine a fully customizable studio where you control the 3D environment around you to endlessly redefine the creative space without restrictions.

Brand Enhancement

Use the infinite media and broadcast possibilities to give your brand visionary environments and images and make your business SPARK.

Growth Strategy

Reach and connect with your audience in an immersive and emotionally charged way with powerful storytelling tools to create tailor-made cinematic experiences.


Show investors your future projects today. Give your financial communication a modern face. In the heart of the banking metropolis Frankfurt.

Digital Strategy

Experience the immersive effect of digitalisation in your business. Develop yourself and your company further into the world of the Internet of things.

HR Empowerment

State-of-the-art production equipment with full, professional tech support enables you to tell your story like never before – with limitless possibilities.

Business Club

Work and network at the most modern and progressive Business Club in Europe. We designed it to spark creative exchange and collaboration.

Exclusive packages for your broadcast & business needs

Stage your corporate content like never before using impressive next-generation technology to reach and connect with your audience:

Virtual Production Studios

Content Creation Studios


And much more!

Stages & Studios

From virtual production, corporate films, social media production up to live events with hybrid extension in the heart of Frankfurt City.

Stage #1 LED Streaming

Stage #2 Mixed Reality

Stage #3 Broadcast & Event

Studio #1 Straight Up

Studio #2 Arena

Studio #3 Workshop

Studio #4 Video & Content Production

Studio #5 Video & Content Production

Studio #6 Video & Content Production