Virtual Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

The most important facts:

  • Virtual shareholders’ meeting of a stock corporation with unlimited scalable number of participants and perfect back-office infrastructure
  • 1 day of preparation and 1 day of execution with supervisory board and management board
  • Client: Inverstor Relation of the public limited company
  • Project partner: Auditing Company, Media Production Company,
    Broadcast SPARK

What we produce

All necessary infrastructures and broadcast services from one source:

  • Provision of a studio stage suitable for boardroom use with up to 200 major shareholders in Presence on site
  • High-quality and easily accessible officer rooms in the Frankfurt business quarter for
    the necessary back-office structure of an annual general meeting
  • State-of-the-art broadcast technology with secure transmission of the virtual Annual General Meeting
  • Operating of camera, image and media technology
  • Production coordination and production offices

Who do we reach

Target audience for this format:

  • Shareholders via the virtual participation option
  • Up to 200 major shareholders in person on site
  • Analysts and financial press worldwide and in Frankfurt

Conditions for this format

  • 2 days of use
  • Room rental of the stage, backoffice capacities for 30 IR employees
  • Broadcast technology incl. operating staff
  • Provision of the secure broadcast program for the stream

How it works

Professional collaboration:

  • Your request for an appointment, scope of services and quotation to SPARK
  • Your personal contact person coordinates the offer with you
  • Continuous support and coordination with client and project partners
  • Coordination of technology and media formats 4 weeks before broadcast production with the media production

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